Mowrey Music.  This is where we collect songs written and performed by Mowreys and their extended family. 

So far, we have songs by Tennessee, Amory, Susie and me. 

Marc's new record, "As You Like It", is now available. You can check it out on CD Baby by clicking here!  It's been very fun to watch Tennessee grow and develop as a musician and a songwriter. I remember being his age, and sitting at the piano for long periods of time trying to write my own, original ragtime songs. I recall finishing or at least getting pretty far with a couple of those songs, but they're long gone now. So I confess to taking something of a vicarious thrill from helping Ten record his material (although more of that credit goes to Susie) and posting it to the web. When he gets to be my age,  and the words and feelings and melodies that seem so large to him now are spotty memories, I think it'll be pretty cool to be able to jump into a time machine and hear it all again.

More recently,  we're starting to hear Amory begin to establish his own unique musical identity. He sits at the piano and composes short pieces that tend to be on the moody, hypnotic side. He also started bass lessons in the Spring of 2006, and we're trying to get some good practice habits in place. As he writes and plays more, Susie and I are encouraging him to learn and use some basic recording techniques.

As you probably know, it does not take long for memories to become indistinct. Some songs I wrote as recently as two or three years ago would be entirely forgotten by now if it weren't for recordings. One could make an argument that that might be best for all concerned. However, that is not my point here. I'm just having fun memorializing some moments in time of the Mowreys by creating this musical diary.

Enjoy -- These are your people, rocking the free world!




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