Edgar Russell Mowrey VI, son of Helen Troup and Edgar Russel Mowrey V

Born: January 17, 1934

Ed's father, Edgar Mowrey V, died in 1936 when Ed was two years old. He died in a motorcycle accident on the Black Horse Pike when his 74 Cubic Inch flat head Harley collided with a truck. He was killed instantly. His best friend, and co-founder of the Meteor motorcyle club, was Frank Bolton. Frank and Ed were returning from a motorcycle event -- they veered off at some point and Frank safely took the White Horse Pike home.

Little is known about the short life of E.R. Mowrey V. According to a conversation with Lola,  Edgar was an aggressive man with a High Scool diploma.  He was 5,8'', strong and wiry. He was a very physical man who did not have the gift of gab. He loved excersize and sports, and was particularly good at wresting.  He was also an avid motorcyclist and a good mechanic. He was serious, hard-working, determined and rugged, and enjoyed his freedom.

Shortly after the fatal accident, Frank married Helen Troup and they raised Ed. Frank and Helen had one son, Frank Bolton Jr.,on May 6, 1939. Frank was a Rutger's trained biologist who worked his whole life for the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Department. Frank couldn't have been more different than his half-brother, Ed. Frank was quiet and introverted, didn't like to party and lived at home his entire life, until he died of carcinoma on July 10,  1991 at the age of 42.  Frank  was a volunteer fireman most of his adult life. At his funeral, we were all deeply moved by the turnout. This shy, retiring fisherman with no known romantic interests generated a remarkable turnout. The procession was long and respectful -- the street was lined with firemen, policemen and servicemen, all in full dress. I think most of us had no idea how well-known and respected Frank was in his community.    

Grandfather: Edgar Wells Mowrey IV. Edgar Wells Mowrey (aka Pop Mowrey) was Dad's paternal grandfather. He died in Spring City, PA, at around the age of 72. Edgar Wells Mowrey's first wife -- and mother of Edgar Mowrey V, died young and tragically around the time WWII.  Later in life, Edgar Wells Mowrey had a girlfriend Eva Clemmons.  They would take Ed VI yearly to Spring City. Edgar VI left most everything to Richard Derr -- actually, he left it to Eva and Eva's sister for as long as they lived. Then it went to Richard. Anyway, Edgar Wells Mowrey used to like taking young Eddie VI to the local saloon in Spring City and show him off to his drinking buddies. Young Eddie would say, "Pop, can I have a beer?". And Pop would say "No!" real loud, while sliding his beer over to him. Young Eddie's mother, mimi, was teetotaler, so this was the way he could get a taste. (Well, and also from Nana Troup, who would slip Ed a little wine once in a while.)  Young eddie was probably eight or nine-years-old in his first memories of these trips.  

     Ed remembers a time when he was about eight or nine-years-old, and was spending a weekend with his paternal grandfather, "Pop" Mowrey. Pop was attempting     to hang   something  -- a birdfeeder? -- from a tree.  So he was driving a nail into the tree. To do it, he was using one of those half axes, the kind of tool that is an ax blade on one end of the head, and a hammer on the other.  So Pop swings the hammer end, but misses the mark.  Instead, the hammer head glances off the tree and makes a direct hit on the clotheline that is attached to the same tree.  The clotheline works like a trampoline, and the tool bounces back, driving the ax blade into Pop's forehead. Right between the eyes. There's blood everywhere -- very gory. A good friend of Pop's -- Eva was her name -- rushed over and drove Pop to the hospital. After many stitches and a good cleaning, he was good as new. 

     Pop was born in Spring City, PA. He was maried to a woman whose name I don't know, but rumored to be part American Indian. They had two children,  Edgar Russell Mowrey V and Richard Mowrey. Pop was a Gimbel's salesman who was always off on a new business venture, although none panned out. He was a doting and talkative grandfather to Ed, and they got along great. They loved going fishing together.  Edgar "Pop" Wells Mowrey died of  pancreatic cancer in what year?

Ed had one full uncle, Richard Derr Mowrey, the brother of his father. Richard, a presidential photographer,  was 1st married to Margaret, who died of Polio. They had three daughters.

Ed was raised by Frank Savage Bolton -- Pop Pop to us grandkids  -- from the age of two, when his biological father died. It is interesting to note that Pop Pop -- who by almost any acount was the most  honest, ethical, and righteous member of the family -- was not a blood relative.


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