Marvel Lucille Jackson, aka Mommi Dee.

Born: June 14, 1918

Died: October 1995

Marvel's parents were Lucille Jackson -- a schoolteacher -- and 'Judge'  Gordon William Jackson, an engineer for Union Pacific Railroad. According to Kathy Michelle, mother of Ashley Michelle, Lucille's parents were from Pennsylvania, and did not like 'Judge' Jackson. So Lucille moved to Wyoming, because here parents would not sanction the marriage in PA.  Lucille and Judge were buried in Cheyenne, where they apparently have headstones. 

Some history:

Marvel was born June 14, 1918, and died October 1995 in a nursing home in Cheyenne, WY. Her remains were cremated. Her parents were "Judge" Gordon William Jackson and Lucille Baker. Marvel was 4 when her mother Lucille died -- Lucille was only 27 when she died of Peritonitis or Appendicitis. She was a dark-haired schoolteacher, and is buried in Cheyenne, WY. We guess she was born in 1895 in Clearfield CO, PA, and died in 1922. After Lucille died, Marvel was adopted out to Faye and Clinton Fullerton, old friends and possibly distant relatives. (Why didn't Judge raise her?)

She ran away at 16 yo, and married George Chester, who was 18 yo. They had Lola the next year, when Marvel was 17 yo. Judge Jackson's parents were Robert Jackson and Amelia Apple.

Mommi Dee had one sibling, a sister named Alice Bernice Jackson. Alice married Fred Beyer. Alice and Fred had three or four children: Carol Beyer, DM, RN; John "Jack" Beyer; Lucy Beyer, who died at 28, and possibly a fourth whose name we don't know.

Lucille Baker's parents were GGGM Baker, a schoolteacher who lived to be 100, and Baker, MD, a General Practitioner and alcoholic who lived to 93. These Bakers had five children: Lucille, Vera, Louis, Herbert and Allen Baker.

                    Allen Baker was college educated, in the grain business and had seven or eight kids.

                    Herbert Baker was a schoolteacher, held political office, and alcoholic who died at 85.

Louis Baker, aka "Uncle Johnny", was a teacher and a rogue, died young. Served in WWII where he got malaria.

Vera Baker lived to 99. She was married to Thomas Toomey, and they had two children named Luke and Edith Toomey. Very did a lot of weaving.

Apparently, Herbert Baker kept an eye on Mommi Dee, because he’d been in WY and knew Judge Jackson through the Railroad. Almost all the Bakers lived to be very old. In fact, I recall meeting my great-great-grandma Baker. So I don’t know her birth or death dates, but I say she was still alive in the 1960's.

Judge Jackson’s parents were Robert Jackson, a no-armed cabinet maker who died at 70 in Lewiston, PA, and Amelia Apple. Besides Judge, these Jacksons also had:

                    Amanda Jackson, aka "Aunt Joe", had asthma and live in New Mexico all her life;

                    Annabelle Jackson; and

                    Birdie Lulu Jackson

Marvel -- aka Mommi Dee -- and George Chester had their first child, Lola Chester, on May 7, 1936.  After Lola, they had a son named Lon, who only lived two years.  (In a taped interview I conducted in 2002 with George's sister, Julia Chester Wilson,  Julia questioned the, uh, paternal lineage of Lon.) In any case, Marvel and George divorced shortly after Lon's death. 

Mommi Dee re-married John Michelle (aka Daddy Dee) -- who we think was in the insurance business, and served in WWII --  and they had one child, Jon Michelle. As best I recall, Daddy Dee disappeared in the VW bus one day and never returned. He left his coin collection, which Mommi Dee used in vending machines. In later years, Jon attempted to track down his father through the VA, but I don't think he succeeded. In the late 1960's Jon came to stay with us for a while in Brooktree, NJ, but Lola got mad at him and threw him out. She took him to the NJ turnpike, dropped him off,  and he hitch-hiked away. He went south -- to Florida, I think -- and joined the services, and ended up in Vietnam. Upon his return, he moved to Utah and had a short-lived marriage to a Mormon. I understand she was badly injured or died in a fire.  

Many years after Daddy Dee went away, Mommi Dee married Dr. Santor. Dr. Santor ws my allergist when I was growing up, and Mommi Dee was his nurse. Dr. Santor died, leaving Mommi Dee once again without a husband.

Mommi Dee died in a nursing home in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1995. (Chris Chester never met her.) The last will and testament of Mommi Dee was disputed, and the result was a falling out between Jon and his family, and Lola and her family.   







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