You have arrived at Mocadelic's collection of songs. In late 2007, I completed As You Like It, ten original songs released on Astrophonic Records. The members of Mocadelic as listed in the bio played most of these, with additional help from Jeff Zienowicz, Evan Price and Alexis Harte. The CD is available for $15 from CD Baby. You can also listen to the material below.

If you like what you hear and you want to book the band, please call Marc Mowrey at 510.965.9951 (eve.) or 415.972.3324 (day). In the meantime, please listen to the tracks below, and check it out at CD Baby!

As You Like It:

All songs copyright Marc Mowrey, 2007. All Rights Reserved. Singing Husky Music, BMI.                   

                          Bang Your Head Slowly

Charts:                                                  Lyrics:                                   mp3s:

That Book                                              That Book                              That Book

All the Answers                                     All the Answers              

Put Me Down                                         Put Me Down

Never Feel Quite Whole chart                  Never Feel Quite Whole lyrics    

Get So High chart                                     So High

Shirley Chart                                           Shirley Lyrics

Company in the Grave chart                  Company in the Grave lyrics

Love Assassin chart                                 Love Assassin lyrics

Purple Mountains

Hearts to Feel it All

The Moment

Long Enough (Chart)                     Long Enough (Lyrics)

One For the Rook (Chart)

Rock My World (Chart)                 Rock My World (Lyrics)

Quit My Job

Never Tasted Love (Chart)            Never Tasted Love (Lyrics)

Walking Backwards

Time Will Tell

We're Lovin' Tonight

Electric Rail                                    Electric Rail lyrics


Additional Original Charts and Lyrics:

Against All Odds (Chart)                     Against All Odds (Lyrics) 

Be My Baby (Chart)                            Be My Baby (Lyrics)  

Bus Station Crazy (Chart)                  Bus Station Crazy (Lyrics)  

I Must Have Blinked (Chart)               I Must Have Blinked (Lyrics)

I'm Rising (Chart)                             I'm Rising (Lyrics)

Long Enough (Chart)                          Long Enough (Lyrics)

Love is the Reason Why (Chart)          Love is the Reason Why (Lyrics)

The Moment (Chart)                           The Moment (Lyrics)

Never Tasted Love (Chart)                   Never Tasted Love (Lyrics)

Night for Love                                   Night for Love

Not So Lucky (Chart)                         Not So Lucky (Lyrics)

One For the Rook (Chart)                   One for the Rook (Lyrics)

Pale Moonlight (Chart)                       Pale Moonlight (Lyrics)

Poor Man (Chart)                               Poor Man (Lyrics)

Rock My World (Chart)                       Rock My World (Lyrics)

Trouble with People (Chart)               Trouble with People (Lyrics)

Wary (Chart)                                     Wary (Lyrics)

Winter (Chart)                                   Winter (Lyrics)

You Babe (Chart)                                You Babe (Lyrics)


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