Tennessee Meets Mick, the King of Rock!

Susie took Tennessee to SBC Park last night for the Stones show. By all accounts, one of their best shows in a long time. Susie lent Ten a jacket that Mick had given her years ago. It's a great coat -- thick black leather, with all kinds of cool stones memorabilia  ironed, stiched, pinned to or otherwise attached. She gave the coat to Ten to wear to the show. He was ready to leave a couple hours before it was time, parading around the house in his jagger jacket, checking himself out in the full length mirror and complimenting himself on how good he looked.

Anyway, they had full access back stage passes. And for a brief bit -- about 90 seconds -- Mick appeared in the throng of backstagers. With his usual good fortune, Ten was in eactly the right spot. Mick and Susie exchanged hugs, she introduced him to her stepson, and he gave Ten a  big smile, said hello and shook his hand. Tennessee was glowing.  Later that night, he also got to meet Tom Waits. Which was interesting because Ten just recently started performing the classic Waits tune,  "Ol' 55".



Tennessee, Katharine and I watched "Return of the Jedi" two nights ago, the third episode in the Star Wars trilogy. When Obi Kenobi first appeared as a vision, I said to Tennessee,  "He looks like a hologram".  Tennessee said, "No, it's a spirit". Later in the movie, it became apparent that  Tennessee was correct. After the movie,  while I'm putting Ten to bed, I ask him if he liked the movie. He says, "Yes". Than he adds, "One thing, though. You said they were holograms. I said they were spirits. They were spirits. It turns out you were wrong. It turns out I was right".  Hmmm. it just 'turned out' that way, I guess. 



Ice Skating

Ten, Amo and I went ice skating today at the Embarcadero rink in SF. They both love to skate. Tennessee, in his methodical way, counted every lap. Hed lumber/whiz by me and say, "87 laps, 11 falls". He stopped at precisely 100 laps. (Amory spent the entire time in the middle of the rink, where he had attached himself  to some trick skaters, trying to learn spins and stops and jumps.)



Math Counts

This past Saturday (2/4), Tennessee participated in the county math competition.  The idea is to pit Marin County middle schools against each other by having each school select their four best math students and send them as a team to the competition. The accrue points for the right answers, and at the end of the four hours, there are awards for the three best school scores and the three best individual scores. Tennessee's school - Kent Middle -- swept the competition by winning the school and award and winning the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place individual  awards.  And Tennessee took first place!!  (Last year he took 2nd, so the trend is very good.)


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