Helen "Pat" Ann Troup, aka Mimi

Born: Feb 4, 1915; Died: May 10, 1987 of a pulmonary embolus.

Mimi established herself as a Daughter of the American Revolution by tracing her lineage back to Squire Harris, a drummer in the Revolutionary War. We have the full charts of that -- and it is also available frm DAR.

My recollection of Mimi was that of a very strong, no-nonsense woman. One did not voluntarily engage in a disagreement with Mimi. And to flat out give her guff -- well, you'd have to be certifiable. As for her children, she kept a strap around and wasn't afraid to use it. I have many memories of Mimi in the kitchen. They did not go out to eat. All meals were taken at home, and of the traditional variety found in a McCall's cookbook: Pot roast, lima beans, mashed potatoes. Mimi ruled with a firm hand, and had no truck with excuses or complicated exceptions to what she saw as the simple rules of conduct. Punishment was neither unfair nor irrational; the rules were quite clear up front.  There was, of course, no stealing or lying or any of that sort thing. Additional non-negotiable requirements included polite deference to adults, earning your keep, never expecting handouts, and prudent judgement regarding alcohol and women. (Prudence, in her case, largely equated with abstinence.)  

In spite of the above, I also recall Mimi as a very loving and generous grandmother who was capable of having a great time when the time was right. For example, one of my fondest memories of her, and of my early childhood, was floating around with her on Lake Taunton.  It was just the two of us out there on the water. We were having a great time with each other, and Mimi was giggling like a little girl. Giggles from Mimi were hard-won,  and few and far between, which only made them that much more precious when they came. I don't think I ever saw her seeming so happy and unburdened as that afternoon.

Mimi died on Mother's Day, sitting in the blue wing-backed chair she always sat in, under the oil painting of the two woman. Pop Pop was across from her in his chair, reading. One moment Mimi was knitting, the next moment she was dead.

"Mimi" Helen Troup's parents were 'Pop' Earl A. Troup and Helen Minnie Kelly (aka Nana Troup).  They lived in Runnameade, NJ. Earl was born Nov. 10, 1895 and died in 1967 of cardio vascular arrest.  He had worked as a  maintenance mechanic for Armstrong Floor Company.  He liked to fish, and was a straight-forward working man.  Helen Minnie Kelly was born Feb 19, 1897  in Philidelphia and died in 1972. Helen Ann Kelly and Pop Troup had one other child besides Mimi, a son named Earl. Earl died in 1944 in WWII in the battle of Normandy, and was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously.


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