No new shows are booked for Mocadelic in 2006.  I've put the band on a bit of a hiatus while I figure out what might be next for my original music. In the meantime, I've joined the Alexis Harte band!

Past shows:




Mocadelic plays Friday, June 23, at the Cafe Amsterdam, 23 Broadway,  Fairfax, CA. 

Show starts at 9:00.  Be there!!        $5 cover.




Mocadelic plays Saturday, May 6,at the Cafe Amsterdam at 23 Broadway in Fairfax, CA. 

Show starts at 9:00. $5. 

Be there!



 Mocadelic  played on September 30, 2005, November 5, 2005 and April 15, 2006 at the Cafe Amsterdam in Fairfax, CA.    


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