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Below is As You Like It, a recent CD recorded largely with the musicians from Mocadelic. (To find out more about who's playing, see the Mocadelic Bio page .) If you enjoy what you hear, please go to CD Baby and buy a copy of  ...

As You Like It

Bang Your Head Slowly

  • This next four songs are Gone World, the first band I joined in SF in 1987.  That band was Eric Ramone -- bass, lead vocals and songwriting,  Lincoln Myerson on guitar and harmonies,  Josh Schiffman on drums, and me on keys.

  • This is a random assortment from back from my Connecticut days, recorded in the early 80's as either Big Time or Chairman Mow. It includes Eric Kuhn on bass, Jeff Z on guitar, and Marc Paradis on drums.  In addition, it features Tom Randall on mandolin, and Larry Cox on pedal steel.

    And, from even earlier still, the Gummy Bears! You are now in a very risk zone. Consider all previous warnings to be amplified ...

    I Want to Take Her to the Dance               The Days Slowly Pass        Greasy Hand                                                      The Acrobat                                              Out of the Darkness

  • Marc Mowrey, 1978 - 2005, All Rights Reserved. Except Complicated Man, Gone World, Bird Talk and Next Day, written by Eric Ramone.

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