Susie took me out in the woods for my first back-country backpacking trip. I'm not a virgin anymore!



My backpack seemed very heavy to me, but everyone else in Susie's family thinks anything under 50 pounds is a trivial pack. Those animals! This spot is about halfway to Boast Lake. It's a beautiful mountain stream -- clean, clear and cool -- a great place for sunbathing or getting a drink.






On the topo map, many of  the little lakes have no name, just a number. But rumor has it that Sean named the one we stayed at Boast Lake. (For details on the meaning of Boast, see Woodstock references in Neskowin story.) Not too far from Boast, there was a beautiful meadow and wetland area -- pacitured at left -- with lots and lots of amazing wildflowers. This is where Susie made camp a couple years ago when she came in by herself.






Here's another picture of some of the wildflowers. They were everywhere. I don't know the names of most of them -- you''l have to talk to Scot about that.






We saw lots of natural art, like this:






This was in a small town in Idaho, on our way out of the mountains and back to civilization. A Bordello and a Bar go hand-in-hand; a real time-honered classic.








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